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    Expert Male & Female Arab Teachers

Quran Teacher (Quran Tutor):

We are proudly offering live Quran classes with our Expert and highly Qualified Native Arab Male and Female Quran teachers. It is a fantastic opportunity for every single Muslim to learn Quran at his handiest time with our Live Arab teachers at a comfort of their own home. You can choose either Male or female Quran teacher for you according to your requirements. The procedure is extremely easy you'll just need a computer/laptop/tablet or mobile & high-speed Internet. You can try 2 Days Free trial lessons with our live teachers to realize how our system works.

For each and every Muslim it's obligatory to learn Quran with complete devotion and sincerity but Quran teachers with very very good recitation and good communication skills are not easy to find. Thus, we've made it simple to learn Quran for you!! Now it's quite easy that you can effectively learn Quran from a Male and female Quran tutor from the comfort of your own home at your desired timings.
Simply join our Free trial lessons and you'll surely get a great experience of extreme learning. We try our very best to impart the superior knowledge by the top quality teachers. Our entire Quran teacher's team is completely experienced in teaching Quran & Arabic Language to English, Arabic, Urdu & Hindi speaking students. We've got the ideal faculty on board with us which understands the requirements of students and understand how to deal with students.

Our courses are made to fulfill all age group needs, including Children, Adults, and Professionals. our teachers can deliver Quran lessons in a very effective way that you may grab very easily. Our teachers are not just selected on based of their knowledge, but also for their Interpretative skills. They motivate and encourage students to increase their knowledge of Holy Quran and Islam.

our teachers have Quran Memorisation certification (ijaza), 8 years Islamic scholar certificate, certification of Arabic language from world 's best Islamic Universities i.e Al-Azhar Institute. They have In-depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel/Qiraat. Our Quran tutors have been precisely chosen and finely sifted so only the best Quran teachers are allowed to teach.

Our Executive Quran Teachers :

Ustadah Hend Mohamed Hafez

Sister Hend Mohamed Hafez is truly a delight to have in Quran Classes staff from Egypt. She is our expert Quran Teacher .she has Ijazah of Hafsah and Shopaa an Aasem. She have experience of 6 years in Quran teaching and from past 3 years she is teaching Quran, Arabic Grammer and Rules of Tajweed to non-Arabic students via the internet .

She has the ability to teach Quran in many methods until students totally understand the proper rules of Tajweed. She can speak English and Arabic fluently. She is very educated, kind, very much sorted out and dedicated teacher. Holy Quran classes is extremely pleased to have such a great Quran Tutor in its staff.

✪ Ustadh Mohammad Turkey

Ustadh Mohammad Turkey is a one of our brilliant and experienced an instructor from holy Quran Classes staff. He is a native Arabic Quran Tutor from Egypt & he has a great charge over English and Arabic Language.Have a look on his education and experience. He has graduated from Al Azhar University 2010 Cairo, Egypt. And studied ELAS at SOAS University of London 2011, UK. He is certified in Quran Reading and coach of Qaeda Norania.

He is 8 years experienced in Quran & Arabic language teaching and he also possess four years of experience educating Arabic & Quran to non-Arabic students via internet .he is also working as an Imam in Egypt . His Teaching style is very fabulous his communication skills and his marvelous stream of passing on information makes the learning background of learners more lovely.He is a Great Quran Teacher Quran Classes feel exceptionally glad on such an experienced teacher .

✪ Ustadah Samina

Mualima Samaina is recorded among one of those Quran Teacher who takes Quran teaching as their passion. That is the reason after memorizing each verse of Holy Quran by heart, She devoted herself in spreading her knowledge . She is from Pakistan . She began learning of Quran and Tajweed in her adolescence By grace of ALLAH (S.W) she has did Hifz-ul-Quran from a surely well known institute of Pakistan, Wafaqul Madaris. at extremely young age. She has effectively finished a 6 years Aalima Course which is identical to Masters in Arabic and Islamic Studies .

She has more than 6 years of Quran teaching background in numerous Government and private organizations and now from recent years she is teaching Quran online .she is fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi .Mualima Samina is an extraordinary Quran Tutor and coach without a doubt.

✪ Ustadh Sonosi Abdou Yousuf El Ayat

Quran Classes Is honored to have another profoundly talented and experienced Quran Tutor, Sonosi Abdou Yousuf El Ayat. He is an Egyptian brought up. he is graduated in Language and translation faculty - Islamic Studeis From Al Azhar University . He memorized entire Quran also he has Ijazah in Hafs on Asem narration.He is a Quraan teacher for Arabs for more than 9 years and since 2012 he is teaching Quran, Tajweed & Recitation to Non - Arabs via internet.

He is also working as an Imam and Khateeb at al Awqaf ministry since 2007. He is extremely able and committed Quran Teacher who wishes that all students get to be effective learners he attempts to make a classroom atmosphere that is empowering, motivating and versatile to the different need of Students.His presence increased the value of our group. We wish him an absolute best of luck in his journey to helping other peoples.

✪ Ustadah Amira Abrahem Abdo

Here comes another pearl of Quran Classes staff. Ustadah Amira is exceedingly gifted in the field of teaching. Just give a look to her career.Ustadha Amira is a native Egyptian teacher having incredible articulation of Arabic as it is her native language. Another capacity which makes her conspicuous is that she additionally has sound command on composed and communicated in English. She is graduated from faculty Islam sharia and have ijaza in quran hafs an Asam she also done course of qaida norania. She has a 4 years experience with instructing, Qur'an, Tajweed & Norania online in English to Foreigners.

The major Plus point is that she loves to being a Quran Tutor and our students love to take classes from sister Amira.